Lake St. Croix Beach Water

Water Utility Plant #2
1190 St. Croix Trail South
Lakeland, MN 55043

Voice:     651-436-8044 or 218-491-3575
FAX:       651-436-3949

People Service Operator: Simon Wirth  P:218-491-3575



For questions related to PowerPay PeopleService, Inc account setup, billing, or paying online please call (402) 932-8143. If you need service, call the Lakeland Water Utility at: 651-436-8044

 ***For emergency assistance outside of regular business hours, please contact People Service at 1-888-861-1921 

The City of Lake St. Croix Beach's drinking water is managed through the City of Lakeland.  People Service handles all of the testing and billing of the City’s water.

Attached is the City of Lakeland 2019 Drinking Water Report that was published in June 2020.