Shoreland Park

The Shoreland/Bluffland Park includes .7 miles of shoreline along the St. Croix River.  The north end of the park is high bluffland.  The City constructed two sets of stairways in 2003 and neighbors in the area maintain additional sets of steps on city parkland to access the beach.  The south half of this park is lower in elevation and contains a popular swimming beach at Riverfront Park and an earthen levee.  The top portion of the 1,100 ft. earthen levee contains a bike/walk trail.


The City manages the docking and mooring of Lake St. Croix Beach residents' private watercraft along the waterfront and includes an Army Corps of Engineer permit for 35 structures.  Three boat committees (Management, Design, and Legal) provide recommendations on use and controls of structures and watercraft in this City park.