The City of Lake St. Croix Beach functions in a weak-mayor system, the Mayor has no formal authority outside the Council; the Mayor cannot directly appoint or remove officials, and lacks veto power over Council votes. 

The weak-Mayor form of government is found in small towns in the United States that do not use the more popular council-manager form used in most municipalities that are not considered large or major cities, and is frequently seen in small municipalities with few or no full-time municipal employees.

LSCB has one full-time and two part-time employees, the City Clerk/Administrator and two part time Deputy City Clerks. The current Mayor, Tom McCarthy, while retired, is a "working Mayor." Many of the tasks done in the City throughout the year such as - raising and lowering the flags, putting up the weight restriction signs, filling the dog bag receptacles on the bike trail and down by the beach, cleaning debris away from drains and fire hydrants, and the list goes on and on are done by Mayor Tom.