Summer at the Vets Memorial Park
Lower St. Croix Valley Veterans Memorial Park

Veteran's Memorial

Lake St. Croix Beach has a Veterans Memorial located at 1919 Quebec Ave.  This memorial is a joint partnership with our neighboring cities; Lakeland, Lakeland Shores, St. Mary's Point and Afton. None of the cities had a Veterans Memorial before.  In 2012 the property's Conditional Use Permit was amended to allow development of the Memorial. There is a St. Croix Valley Bike Trail that is parallel to SCAH 18 and relatively close to this location.  The convenient location allows for easy access to anyone enjoying the Bike Trail or any other visitors. 
The purpose of this memorial is to provide a place of remembrance and reflection to honor all of those who have served or are serving our country in the military.
A Veterans Memorial Advisory Committee has been formed to advise City Council and City Staff on their vision for the future of the space including names of military personnel yet to be added, landscaping and a statue. 
The Lower St. Croix Valley Veterans Memorial is a 501(c)3 public charity. All funds raised go directly to the Memorial and are tax deductible. A Battle Field Cross has been commissioned for unveiling on Veterans Day in November. The statue is made up of a soldiers belongings. The Rifle is thrust in the ground signifying that the soldier died in battle, fighting to the end. The boots carry a soldier though the fight for freedom and are placed at the base of the rifle. They are worn and dirty to remind us of that final march.
Dog Tags are worn by every service member and are imprinted with information about the individual soldier. The dog tags are hung from the rifle so that the name of the fallen will never be forgotten. The Helmet is placed on top of the rifle representing what that person stood for and that the battle is over. This Battle Cross Bronze monument is a powerful way to honor and remember the tremendous sacrifice of our American soldiers.
In addition to the statue, a new walkway, 5-point star and additional veterans bricks will be on display in new stanchions. Please visit the Lower St. Croix Valley Veterans Memorial website