Copy Costs - Members of the Public

City of Lake St. Croix Beach

Copy Costs - Members of the Public

The City of Lake St. Croix Beach charges members of the public for copies of government data.  These charges are authorized under Minnesota Statutes, Section 13.03, Subdivision 3(c).  You must pay for the copies before we will give them to you .  If conflicts with the City of Lake St. Croix Beach fee schedules exist, the current fee schedule shall prevail.

For 100 or Fewer Paper Copies - $.25 Per Page

100 or fewer pages of black and white, letter or legal size paper copies cost $.25 for a one-sided copy and $.50 for a two-sided copy

  • CD-ROM fees shall be $7.50 per disk, if available, plus time, if applicable.
  • A FAX sent or received shall be $1.00 per page.
  • Mailing shall be the current US Postal Service fees or actual cost of courier.
Most Other Types of Copies - Actual Cost

The charge for most other types of copies, when a charge is not set by statute or rule, is the actual cost of searching for and retrieving the data and making the copies or electronically transmitting the data (e.g. sending the data by mail).

In determining the actual cost of making copies, we factor in employee time, the cost of the materials onto which we are copying the data (paper, CD-ROM, etc.) and mailing costs, if any.  If your request is for copies of data that we cannot reproduce ourselves, such as photographs, we will charge you the actual cost we must pay an outside vendor for the copies.

The cost of employee time to search for data, retrieve data and make copies is wage/salary (may include benefits) of the lowest paid entity employee who could complete the task (Advisory Opinion 04-056).  If, because of the subject matter of your request, we find it necessary for a higher paid employee to search for and retrieve the data, we will calculate the search and retrieval portion of the copy charge at the higher wage/salary (may include benefits).